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BEAUTY TIPS : Reducing Back or Body Acne

Salam and hello to whoever reading this. I've been doing some research on back acne and body acne before and only now I have a chance to actually write about this on my blog. Besides, alhamdulillah I finally have a new laptop after one year living without it. ahh can you imagine living abroad without any laptop?? Some of my friends were pretty surprised haha but naah I'm cool with that. 

So yeah, about back acne and body acne. To be honest I've been dealing with this problem since highschool. I've been in my worst situation when at one point the pain was just too much making it so hard to even put on a bra. I bet you guys mesti tahu the pain bila jerawat baru muncul especially jerawat batu tersentuh sikit rasa macam sakit yang beberapa saat tu rasa macam can last forever. oh dayum it hurts alot. much worse bila you have tons of them on your body. plus, its not just regular acne, I got many cysts. Horrible and painful. Cyst is hard to cure because if regular acne you can just sometimes poke it and squeeze it to make whatever inside it keluar. but no for cyst. The bacteria and semua stuck di bawah lapisan kulit, much more deeper than your upper layer of skin which make it so hard untuk keluarkan isi tu keluar.

yes sangat lama for me to deal with this problem. Since then, my confidence slowly decreasing. of course rasa malu bila masa PJ kawan kawan tukar baju and mostly akan tegur my body. some of them even gave 'that look' yang geli jijik and everything.

I put aside my malu for writing this post because I know many girls are also dealing with this problem too so jangan rasa malu sebab ada cara yang boleh bantu kurangkan your body acne and I'm here to help. Just a little help maybe. heee

okay so mostly my acne banyak di bahagian belakang and some ada di bahagian depan but not to much just on my upper chest. sometimes if I wear v-neck shirt you can probably see em.

what should you do? see Dermatologist?

I've done many things before to help cure my acne but none of them membantu. I've tried everything. pakai krim tu pakai krim ni. semua still the same. At one point I thought that maybe I have to berubat kampung. Maybe ada orang buat? sampai macam tu sekali but na ah no no no. Thats just me over thinking. -_______-"

yeap I've seen dermatologist before, pegi clinic biasa , not helping, after that pegi specialist, andd, ITS NOT HELPING AT ALL. serious talk, I ate the medicine that the doctor gave, sapu ubat and lotion. but STILL the same. plus, the medicine that the doctor gave, just made me wanna throw up tiap kali makan. so, in the end,  I gave up. 

thats it. enough.

the turning point!

so how did I managed to get rid of those acnes? 

one day I bought one supplement and it says, while consuming this product I need to stop drinking caffeine and carbonated drinks, stop eating seafood and MUST drink alot of water. minimum 2 litres per day. (you have no idea how much I love seafood :'[  and I hate drinking water ) but I have no choice but to follow it. so yeah I did. At first it was so hard especially drinking 2 litres water a day. sooo hard. but alhamdulillah now I can!!!

 Before this, I ate alot of junk foods. I would rather choose coke over juice and my boyfriend will be so mad every time I drink it. I will eat many unhealthy foods and not exercising which causing my body to be filled with toxics.  

2 months later, I noticed that my acnes start to reduce and my skin is smoother than before, the bumps on my skin started to reduce and without I realise, my acnes are fading away. The only thing that left now is the scars. No worries about that, you can get rid of them later on, all you have to do is, rajin rajinlah scrub badan once in a while. Ramai yang masih kurang sedar yang you guys need to exfoliate your skin and it is really important. you know why? sebab kulit akan hasilkan new cells dalam kitaran 28 hari, so lapisan atas kulit akan penuh dengan sel kulit mati, if you guys don't scrub your badan once a week, your dead skin cells will stay there and terkumpul menyebabkan pores kulit tersumbat and bila pores kulit tersumbat, jadi lah jerawat. plus, the new skin cells won't appear if your upper skins full with dead cells. get it? think logic.

After noticing the acnes start to reduce, I started to think that I need to stop all this bad diet and start eating healthy. not that soooo healthy and only eat raw foods or what. I mean a little bit healthier than before. Kalau sebelum ni minum air 2 liter, I will add one more litre. I started to drink Green Tea, you have no idea how great Green Tea is for detoxing and losing weight! (will post about the benefits of green tea in another post). Reducing junk foods. Eat it maybe one time in one month. I know I know I should stop but I'm a human too :'( I crave sometimes. 

Now, I only have 2-3 acnes once in a while on my body, mostly when PMS hits. yeah baby, blame the hormones. my doctor said, kalau hormon nothing much you can do. so just let it be. inshaAllah akan hilang after your period. 

below is some tips you can read to reduce acne and cyst.



yes baby, why don't you give it a try since you got nothing to lose no more. Just try it, stop consuming dairy products for a month or two and see what happen. basically, dairy products are produced from animals macam lembu. animals have hormones just like us, so bila you guys consume, it disturbs your hormones causing your body to produce acnes. I don't really know about this but all I know is most people made some experiments on this and quit consuming dairy products and their acnes reduced. alhamdulillah. you don't believe me? I've done many research on this. if you still don't believe, go google it.

"In an article he wrote for a medical journal in 2008, F. William Danby, MD, a skin expert who promotes the possible dairy-acne connection, explained how the two may be related. Milk contains components related to the hormone testosterone that may stimulate oil glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne."


you really need to drink plenty of water to flush out all toxics from your body and keep your skin hydrated. ini tips yang banyak membantu saya. in the end, we need water. this is important sebab if makan banyak ubat or supplement pun tapi kurang minum air, nothing will change. rugi beli supplement. water is important as breathing. my tips, beli air mineral botol besar tu, letak dekat dekat, biar nampak selalu, and PLEASE PAKSA DIRI MINUM! I can only help you by telling you all these but if you have no action on this, no one can help you. YOU CAN DO THIS! 


change it with drinking green tea. have tons of benefits on this!


if you have acne on your face, and if you are smoking, please stop. no use of you putting night cream or what ever cream it is on your face and after that still puffing your cigarettes. no point, na ah! you know whats worst? it will fasten your skin aging thats why sometimes you will see girls yang smoke tends to look older than their age, plus, the smoke, will make your face dirty and clog your pores causing more acnes.


Seafood, such as crab, shrimp, crawfish, lobster and oysters, and spinach contain substantial amounts of iodine, which can cause acne and pimples, reports Science Daily. Iodine is the only dietary component scientifically proven to trigger acne breakouts in individuals who are sensitivity to it, says Harvey Arbesman, a University at Buffalo dermatologist. But you can have it, just once in a while, after that, drink a lot of water so your body can detox everything.

Basically all these can help you inshaALLAH. There are more and if you interested on finding more, just google them. as easy as that! Most of things listed above adalah hasil pengalaman and some research, cause yknow I love everything about beauty tips and nutritions. Hope this post can help you. just remember to be more strict on this. no pain no gain. sacrifice a bit for your health! 

BTW, I'm not an expert, I just write what I know based on my experiences. some will help and some won't. just give it a try. who knows right?


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