Monday, September 8, 2014

BEAUTY TIPS : Reducing Back or Body Acne

Salam and hello to whoever reading this. I've been doing some research on back acne and body acne before and only now I have a chance to actually write about this on my blog. Besides, alhamdulillah I finally have a new laptop after one year living without it. ahh can you imagine living abroad without any laptop?? Some of my friends were pretty surprised haha but naah I'm cool with that. 

So yeah, about back acne and body acne. To be honest I've been dealing with this problem since highschool. I've been in my worst situation when at one point the pain was just too much making it so hard to even put on a bra. I bet you guys mesti tahu the pain bila jerawat baru muncul especially jerawat batu tersentuh sikit rasa macam sakit yang beberapa saat tu rasa macam can last forever. oh dayum it hurts alot. much worse bila you have tons of them on your body. plus, its not just regular acne, I got many cysts. Horrible and painful. Cyst is hard to cure because if regular acne you can just sometimes poke it and squeeze it to make whatever inside it keluar. but no for cyst. The bacteria and semua stuck di bawah lapisan kulit, much more deeper than your upper layer of skin which make it so hard untuk keluarkan isi tu keluar.

yes sangat lama for me to deal with this problem. Since then, my confidence slowly decreasing. of course rasa malu bila masa PJ kawan kawan tukar baju and mostly akan tegur my body. some of them even gave 'that look' yang geli jijik and everything.

I put aside my malu for writing this post because I know many girls are also dealing with this problem too so jangan rasa malu sebab ada cara yang boleh bantu kurangkan your body acne and I'm here to help. Just a little help maybe. heee

okay so mostly my acne banyak di bahagian belakang and some ada di bahagian depan but not to much just on my upper chest. sometimes if I wear v-neck shirt you can probably see em.

what should you do? see Dermatologist?

I've done many things before to help cure my acne but none of them membantu. I've tried everything. pakai krim tu pakai krim ni. semua still the same. At one point I thought that maybe I have to berubat kampung. Maybe ada orang buat? sampai macam tu sekali but na ah no no no. Thats just me over thinking. -_______-"

yeap I've seen dermatologist before, pegi clinic biasa , not helping, after that pegi specialist, andd, ITS NOT HELPING AT ALL. serious talk, I ate the medicine that the doctor gave, sapu ubat and lotion. but STILL the same. plus, the medicine that the doctor gave, just made me wanna throw up tiap kali makan. so, in the end,  I gave up. 

thats it. enough.

the turning point!

so how did I managed to get rid of those acnes? 

one day I bought one supplement and it says, while consuming this product I need to stop drinking caffeine and carbonated drinks, stop eating seafood and MUST drink alot of water. minimum 2 litres per day. (you have no idea how much I love seafood :'[  and I hate drinking water ) but I have no choice but to follow it. so yeah I did. At first it was so hard especially drinking 2 litres water a day. sooo hard. but alhamdulillah now I can!!!

 Before this, I ate alot of junk foods. I would rather choose coke over juice and my boyfriend will be so mad every time I drink it. I will eat many unhealthy foods and not exercising which causing my body to be filled with toxics.  

2 months later, I noticed that my acnes start to reduce and my skin is smoother than before, the bumps on my skin started to reduce and without I realise, my acnes are fading away. The only thing that left now is the scars. No worries about that, you can get rid of them later on, all you have to do is, rajin rajinlah scrub badan once in a while. Ramai yang masih kurang sedar yang you guys need to exfoliate your skin and it is really important. you know why? sebab kulit akan hasilkan new cells dalam kitaran 28 hari, so lapisan atas kulit akan penuh dengan sel kulit mati, if you guys don't scrub your badan once a week, your dead skin cells will stay there and terkumpul menyebabkan pores kulit tersumbat and bila pores kulit tersumbat, jadi lah jerawat. plus, the new skin cells won't appear if your upper skins full with dead cells. get it? think logic.

After noticing the acnes start to reduce, I started to think that I need to stop all this bad diet and start eating healthy. not that soooo healthy and only eat raw foods or what. I mean a little bit healthier than before. Kalau sebelum ni minum air 2 liter, I will add one more litre. I started to drink Green Tea, you have no idea how great Green Tea is for detoxing and losing weight! (will post about the benefits of green tea in another post). Reducing junk foods. Eat it maybe one time in one month. I know I know I should stop but I'm a human too :'( I crave sometimes. 

Now, I only have 2-3 acnes once in a while on my body, mostly when PMS hits. yeah baby, blame the hormones. my doctor said, kalau hormon nothing much you can do. so just let it be. inshaAllah akan hilang after your period. 

below is some tips you can read to reduce acne and cyst.



yes baby, why don't you give it a try since you got nothing to lose no more. Just try it, stop consuming dairy products for a month or two and see what happen. basically, dairy products are produced from animals macam lembu. animals have hormones just like us, so bila you guys consume, it disturbs your hormones causing your body to produce acnes. I don't really know about this but all I know is most people made some experiments on this and quit consuming dairy products and their acnes reduced. alhamdulillah. you don't believe me? I've done many research on this. if you still don't believe, go google it.

"In an article he wrote for a medical journal in 2008, F. William Danby, MD, a skin expert who promotes the possible dairy-acne connection, explained how the two may be related. Milk contains components related to the hormone testosterone that may stimulate oil glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne."


you really need to drink plenty of water to flush out all toxics from your body and keep your skin hydrated. ini tips yang banyak membantu saya. in the end, we need water. this is important sebab if makan banyak ubat or supplement pun tapi kurang minum air, nothing will change. rugi beli supplement. water is important as breathing. my tips, beli air mineral botol besar tu, letak dekat dekat, biar nampak selalu, and PLEASE PAKSA DIRI MINUM! I can only help you by telling you all these but if you have no action on this, no one can help you. YOU CAN DO THIS! 


change it with drinking green tea. have tons of benefits on this!


if you have acne on your face, and if you are smoking, please stop. no use of you putting night cream or what ever cream it is on your face and after that still puffing your cigarettes. no point, na ah! you know whats worst? it will fasten your skin aging thats why sometimes you will see girls yang smoke tends to look older than their age, plus, the smoke, will make your face dirty and clog your pores causing more acnes.


Seafood, such as crab, shrimp, crawfish, lobster and oysters, and spinach contain substantial amounts of iodine, which can cause acne and pimples, reports Science Daily. Iodine is the only dietary component scientifically proven to trigger acne breakouts in individuals who are sensitivity to it, says Harvey Arbesman, a University at Buffalo dermatologist. But you can have it, just once in a while, after that, drink a lot of water so your body can detox everything.

Basically all these can help you inshaALLAH. There are more and if you interested on finding more, just google them. as easy as that! Most of things listed above adalah hasil pengalaman and some research, cause yknow I love everything about beauty tips and nutritions. Hope this post can help you. just remember to be more strict on this. no pain no gain. sacrifice a bit for your health! 

BTW, I'm not an expert, I just write what I know based on my experiences. some will help and some won't. just give it a try. who knows right?


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ramadan 2014

This is my 4th year of celebrating the first day of Ramadan in the Philippines. Thought that everything can be done for 2 years but nahh here I am still here. But I just look at the bright side. Sure Allah put me here with some reasons. I just need to do my best and wait patiently. 

Not like you guys in Malaysia, here, we don't have any bazaar neither kueh mueh nor ayam percik and kuew tiaw and satay and what ever it is you name it. NO WE DO NOT HAVE. Sobs :'( 

So everytime I scroll down my instagram timeline and see all those photos of foods that you guys uploaded all I can do is just be patient. *sigh*

Philippines and Sabah don't really have much different in time. Everything is the same except for us, we'll be seeing sun earlier. As early as 5 am. But for sungkai, we're probably 2-3 minutes earlier than Sabah and sometimes it can be the same too. 

I miss my mum's mee goreng. The most delicious mee goreng in the world that even my boyfriend too love it. Can you imagine how nyummy it is. SpoonFork lickin good. Haha sometimes I whatsapp my mum asking what will they have for sungkai and she reply my whatsapp reluctantly with "Just some kuih and nasi." Haha she wouldn't even tell me more specific because afraid that I would be sad. Yes mom, I am sad. 

Really wish I can go back now. Like NOW. Having sungkai with family, go to bazaar near my house, eat satay, eat that, eat this. Oh no scratch those dreams off and back to reality, I need to wait. Wait and wait. Cepat lah cepat lah. I can't wait to go back. 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Fly : Flight cancelled

I supposed to go for flying last Friday. Siap siap sudah, after solat Subuh, mandi then pakai uniform. Then bila siap, tinggal pakai socks ja, saya buka langsir sikit. Uishh mendung. Tapi gagahkan hati manatau lepas beberapa minit cerah balik. 

Sementara menunggu saya selfie dulu! 

Then I received a text from my instructor. 

"Liyana, the weather is sad :( "

Saya diminta untuk standby manatau nanti boleh teruskan flight. 
Oleh sebab bangun awal. Saya sarapan dulu. On the way ke kantin. Tik tik tik hujan turun. No fly. Flight cancel. Habis cerita. Masuk bilik tidur balik. Krohh krohhh.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Product Review : Belvya PSS

Assalamualaikum. Bismillah.
Hello! Another product review. Inshaallah yang ni saya yakin Inshaallah the best setakat ni.

Pernah dengar Belvya PSS? Ala yang orang selalu cakap scrub buang lemak tu. Kalau tidak pun, siapa siapa yang follow Farahanim Razak dekat instagram mesti tahu punya. 

Tadaaa. Inilah belvya. Kalau yang rajin beli majalah Dara tu mesti akan nampak iklan Belvya macam ni. Hehe.

Apakah sebenarnya Belvya PSS? 

Belvya PSS ni sebenarnya adalah skrub untuk membuang lemak tidak kiralah lemak peha, lengan, perut dan mana mana tempat yang tersembunyi. Mostly pengguna akan gunakan Belvya ni di bahagian muka kerana lebih efektif dan Alhamdulillah lebih berkesan untuk mengurangkan pipi tembam dan dagu berlapis yang biasa kita kenali sebagai DOUBLE CHIN. That is why kita akan nampak iklan Belvya ni more untuk mendapatkan dagu yang runcing. Tapi still Belvya berkesan untuk bahagian yang lain. Kenapa saya yakin? Sebab saya sendiri pakai! Hihihi. 

Pengalaman memakai Belvya PSS

Saya berwajah tembam, pipi bulat dan double chin tu tidak perlu tanya memang ada. Haha So selalu kurang keyakinan sebab orang akan tegur betapa tembamnya pipi ini. :') 

Sampailah satu masa, saya ternampak gambar Belvya yang dipos oleh Farahanim di instagram beliau. Baca punya baca terasa awesome sebab ini lah produk yang saya cari dan nantikan. Akhirnya ada juga orang buat produk macam ni. Saya pun check account instagram Belvya ni. Woahh bermacam macam testimoni menarik. Hati pun gundah gulana bila baca satu satu sebab semuanya berkesan, testimoni pengguna yang lain buat diri ni tertarik sebab too many positive feedbacks. Alhamdulillah kepada Puan Sheila founder Belvya kerana berjaya menghasilkan produk berkualiti macam ni. Rasa excited mahu cuba lalu saya pun orderlah satu. 

Bila sampai, saya pun cuba dengan kegirangan. Saya pakai Belvya dalam seminggu lebih dan hasil pun start nampak. Pipi makin mengecil. Alhamdulillah. 

Haa ni lah saya. Tudung jingga tu sebelum, hitam tu selepas. Nampak kan perbezaan pipi di situ? Alhamdulillah happy tidak terkata, dalam masa tu juga adik kakak mama tegur pipi makin kecil dan dagu saya makin berbentuk. Yang pentingnya pakai shawl pun lebih senang tutup dagu. Alhamdulillah. 

Yang besst pasal Belvya ni, tiap kali pakai, kulit akan licin dan lembut. Lepastu tegang. Then sejuk berangin ja rasanya lepas guna. Best sangat sangat! Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

Perut pun saya cuba tau! Sebab al maklumlah tidak menjaga pemakanan, perut pun start la menggumpulkan lemaknya. Saya pakai straight hari hari selama 5 hari Alhamdulillah sekali lagi perut pun mengecil kempis. Yayy! Bestnyaa! Hehe 

Sekarang bila sudah try and alhamdulillah berkesan saya pun berniaga Belvya ni and jadi Pengedar Sah Sabah. Alhamdulillah. Tapi bukan setakat jual. Saya kaji juga sedikit dengan bahan yang digunakan. So bila ada yang mahu beli saya boleh explain. :) 

Bahan yang digunakan

• Skrub garam laut
- Garam laut mempunyai banyak kelebihan berbanding garam biasa kerana MINERAL SEMULAJADI yang ada padanya. Hebat bukan ciptaan Allah? 
- Garam laut juga boleh bertindak sebagai pembersih semulajadi yang mampu membersihkan toksin toksin yang melekat pada liang liang roma kulit kita dan memudahkan penyerapan Belvya kedalam kulit. Sebab tu kulit lebih licin dan halus! Hehe 
- Selain itu, ianya membantu untuk kulit bernafas dengan lebih mudah. Skrub yang diurut ke atas permukaan kulit juga membuatkan peredaran darah lebih lancar. 
- Memperbaiki tesktur kulit dan menegangkan kulit! ( setuju sangat dengan yang ni! ) 

• Salicylic acid
- Kepada yang biasa mengkaji tentang bahan bahan produk kecantikan mesti familiar dengan bahan ni. Salicylic acid biasa dikaitkan dengan rawatan wajah yang berjerawat. Kebanyakkan produk muka untuk merawat jerawat akan menggunakan Salicylic acid ni. And yes tepat sekali, Belvya boleh merawat jerawat. Inshaallah dengan izin Allah taala. 

Nampak comment tu? Haa ini saya screenshot sendiri daripada instagram saya. Alhamdulillah kawan saya ni berpuas hati dengan Belvya kerana mampu rawat jerawat at the same time siap promote tu. Alhamdulillah.

Testimoni berjaya daripada pelanggan

Testimoni 1. 

Testimoni 2.

Testimoni 3. 

Testimoni 4.

Testimoni 5.

Testimoni 6.

Testimoni 7.

Testimoni 8. 

Testimoni 9. 

Testimoni yang ni special sikit sebab bahasa brunei. Haha! Haa cua liat orang kitani pun makai Belvya jua. Orang brunei pun boleh beli, ada stokis disana juga. Boleh cek dengan HQ untuk nombor stokis Belvya di Brunei Darussalam atau pergi laman web belvya sendiri :) 

Testimoni 10.

This is the best testimoni so far as my own customer. Nampak sangat kan perbezaannya? Alhamdulillah ni kawan saya sendiri. Kenal lama sudah nama dia Anis. Haa Anis ni lah yang comment di atas tadi pasal Belvya boleh rawat jerawat tu. Saya dengan Anis ni problem sama, pipi tembam tapi Anis sentiasa nampak cantik. Hehe

Saya suka pengguna macam Anis ni, sebab dia usaha sungguh untuk dapatkan the best result. Dia ja antara semua customer saya yang banyak update pasal perkembangan sepanjang menggunakan Belvya andd banyak bertanya pasal tips and Anis even bagitau cara dia guna Belvya. See macam ni yang kita mahu. So duit tidak sia sia macam tu ja. Sekarang pipi pun alhamdulillah tidak tembam. Dia repeat order. Yang lain pun sama juga alhamdulillah repeat order. Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

Semua ni testimoni Anis sendiri. So kalau mahu cantik, kenalah rajin. Ta boleh malas malas ya. Yang bujang tu, jaga lah penampilan diri. Kalau malas jogging, apa salahnya rajin untuk ini kan? Hehe kalau yang sudah kawin, apa salahnya buat investment skit untuk bagi suami sayang. InshaAllah. Hehe 

Cara Pemakaian Belvya 

Mahu tips lebih? Jadilah pembeli saya. Inshaallah saya akan bagi tips lebih untuk bantu anda! InshaAllah dengan izin Allah.

Cara Pembelian 

Sekarang mesti excited untuk cuba kan?? Kan kan?? Haaa. 
Kalau mahu beli, bolehlah contact saya.

Whatsapp : +60146728285 
Instagram : nanaahmadd 
Instagram Belvya Pss : belvya 

Harga untuk semenanjung RM85 
Harga untuk sabah atau sarawak RM90

Best pasal BELVYA PSS ni sebab selalu offer. Ada apa apa perayaan mesti offer. Best kan? Haa kalau mahu tau bila offer, follow instagram saya atau belvya directly senang kan? 

Kalau kamu mahu lebih mudah untuk COD kawasan rumah ka apa ka. Cek website Belvya sendiri 

Untuk cari number phone pengedar atau stokis berdekatan. :)
Dalam web belvya ada macam macam info. Best kan? Hehe 

Semoga info ini berguna untuk anda semua. Boleh bantu product ini lebih maju inshaAllah. Ingat! Ini semua ikhtiar saja. Yang lain semua atas kuasa Allah taala. Saya syorkan bagi pengguna muslim, sebelum guna, selawatlah dulu dan baca Bismillah. Tidak susah pun kan? Biar berkat, aminnn. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Black and White Saturday.

"Anywhere you go, whatever you do, Just Go First Class..!" 

Instagram : nanaahmadd

Product Review : Rose Hip Oil Mask from SASA

Tadaaa! Bismillah. Ni produk yang saya pertama kali cuba and alhamdulillah worked out well for me on the first time.
This is a product by Sasa and I don't know if they have it in Malaysia because this is a gift from a dear friend. He bought it in Taiwan. Dalam satu kotak ada 10 packets. So yaa THANK YOU SO MUCH for the gift Yang. 

Basically this is kinda new for me. First time dengar about Rose Hip Oil. So of course I googled it sebab curiousity melambung lambung. What is it that makes Rose Hip Oil so special? 

Rose Hip Oil benefits.

• obviously, minyak ni produced by the bunga itself. Bunga rose aka mawar in melayunya.
• good thing about this oil is, it is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, essentials fatty acids omega 3 & omega 6. 
• Vitamin A yang terdapat dalam minyak ni mampu meremajakan kulit atau dalam bahasa omputehnya rejuvenating the skin. So bila pakai, kulit akan glow and rasa fresh! Works on normal skin atau skin yang damaged due to the sun. 
• Vitamin C dalam minyak ni pula mengurangkan tompok hitam di kulit atau scars (bekas jerawat), aging spots atau hyper-pigmentation. Kulit warna tidak sekata. 
• Just like my previous post on VCO (virgin coconut oil), Rose Hip Oil pun berfungsi untuk memberi kelembapan kulit. So it is great for dry skin. Research shown minyak ni pun actually can treat eczema. But! Like I told you before, using oil based will not be affective to all people. Sebab ada orang yang berkulit sensitif and ada yang normal. Tips di sini is, try a little bit of the oil in the hidden area of your skin first before applying it to your whole skin. Untuk tengok if you have any irritation, gatal gatal atau any bad reactions when it comes to this oil.
• Tidak membuatkan pores kulit anda tersumbat. 

So yah, itu adalah antara kebaikan semulajadi yang terdapat dalam rose hip oil. Good news about it, siapa siapa yang mengenali model Victoria Secret, Miranda Kerr, you guys probably will know yang beliau juga menggunakan minyak ini as her daily routine. Beliau juga setuju bahawa minyak ini penuh dengan kebaikan. Miranda sendiri telah mengeluarkan produknya sendiri "Kora" menggunakan minyak ini. 

My own testimoni for this product.

So last night selepas dapat ja gift ni saya pun excited untuk mencuba. Selepas cuci muka dan apply toner, saya pun pakai. 

Oh!oh! Untuk pakai mask pun perlu cara yang betul ya. Sebab once salah, bang! Mungkin the next day tiba tiba ada jerawat. Saya berani cakap sebab saya sendiri pernah melaluinya. Konon konon mau pakai mask, tanpa tahu the right way (kesan akibat malas ambil tahu) of applying mask, tiba tiba next day timbul jerawat. Wuhhhh. Jerawat batu pulak tu. Kecewa jiwa. Sobs :'(  so it is reaally reaaaallly important to wash your face very very the clean and apply toner before applying mask. 

But do not worry, I will post another entry on how to apply mask on face the right way InshaAllah.  

Soo, berbalik kepada testimoni, after sudah apply mask ni, saya pun tunggu dan tunggu, 15-20 minit. Tapi oleh kerana taksub dengan kebaikan bahan yang digunakan oleh produk saya pun menunggu lebih sikit. Lepastu finallyy.... Ini lah saatnya. Menanggalkan mask dari muka. 

MashaAllah!!! Sangat segar! Sangat suka alhamdulillah. Seriously, ini bukan tajaan mana mana tapi memang betul. Lepas ja tanggalkan mask, rasa fresh. Semua benefits yang saya tulis di atas tu semua menjadi. Berbahagialah saya. Apa pun Alhamdulillah kepada Allah taala. Great thing about this mask is, tidak perlu basuh muka. Just urut urut lebihan yang ada di muka sampai menyerap masuk ke kulit. Then saya apply night cream. 

The next day.. Which is today. Bangun bangun ja tadi, first thing first, saya akan sentuh muka just to check whether kulit mengelupas lagi sebab kulit saya jenis kering and selalu mengelupas. Tadi bangun ja pagi, ohsemnesss level 999 sebab muka still normal and tidak kering. 
Alhamdulillah. So conclusion, I love this product. You can try it too. But kalau boleh rajinkanlah diri untuk google the right way to choose mask and how to apply. Sebab different people has diff skin type. Pilih ingredients yang sesuai untuk kulit anda! 

Stay positive and loved. Xoxo 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Natural Skin Solution : Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Assalamualaikum readers. So yeah this is it. Kepada siapa siapa yang still don't know, ini adalah minyak kelapa. Bila ke mana mana kedai, bila nampak coconut oil atau VIRGIN coconut oil, ada beza ya. Its still the same but coconut oil adalah minyak kelapa yang sudah diproses banyak kali and mungkin melibatkan chemical so bau dan rasanya hilang. 
To remind you guys, to apply this to your skin, do not buy only coconut oil, but buy the one yang Virgin sebab coconut oil yang dah diproses tu bila anda apply di kulit, yang akan berada di atas lapisan kulit anda hanya minyak ya kawan kawan dan berkemungkinan akan menyebabkan pores kulit anda tersumbat dan menyebabkan anda berjerawat bagai nauzubillah. So jangan silap beli. And pastikan ianya betul betul virgin before you buy it.

Bila sebut Virgin, means ianya lebih dekat dengan keaslian kelapa itu tersendiri. Kaya dengan aroma dan rasanya. Cara ianya diproses juga tak memerlukan chemical and 100% natural. Which means, khasiat still banyak and good for your skin. Good quality VCO should smell  like coconut and it is very fine oil.

I have been using this since last year. I went to Bangkok for holidays and bought this. Too bad, skin care yang saya gunakan most of the time membuatkan kulit saya kering. So I have decided to buy this. Oh ya, I am a big fan of natural skin care. Meaning, saya lebih prefer guna bahan bahan semulajadi for my skin. Because it is better to stay away from skin care yang banyak sangat chemical which is bad for us. 

How I use VCO for my skin?

Bismillah. Okay basically, bangun pagi saya akan cuci muka seperti biasa, apply cream and everything. So yeah hari anda akan berjalan seperti biasa sampai lah waktu zohor. Its time for solat. So bila solat, of course muka akan dibersihkan and bila habis solat biasanya muka saya akan kering disebabkan skincare yang saya gunakan sekarang. Mostly if saya stay indoor I will just apply this VCO, ambil kapas, letak setitik dua and then sapu rata ke muka. 

embracing ma naked face yall

But if saya akan stay outdoor, saya akan apply day cream of my skincare until asar. After solat asar then I apply VCO to my face. 

Alhamdulillah muka akan sentiasa lembab and no more dry skin. 

Take note that VCO akan menjadi solid once suhu sejuk. So biasanya yang saya akan buat biar cair naturally memandangkan botol VCO yang saya beli tak dapat nak buka. Maybe kalau yang lain, you guys boleh ambil sedikit di tangan and it will melt sendiri bila kena dengan suhu tangan. Then sapu kemuka. PASTIKAN TANGAN ANDA BERSIH SEBELUM APPLY APA APA PRODUK KE MUKA.

Oh yea btw, I use VCO as my makeup remover too! I am not really into make up but sometimes I put eyeliner and don't have any make up remover so I use VCO. 
Natural and great!

Kebaikan VCO untuk rambut.

• VCO bukan sahaja bagus untuk kulit malah bagus untuk rambut. After cuci rambut boleh gunakan VCO sebagai perapi rambut and it helps a lot for moisturizing your hair naturally.
• Membantu pertumbuhan semula rambut yang rosak. 
• Kajian membuktikan minyak kelapa membantu dalam melindungi rambut daripada rosak yang disebabkan oleh hygral fatigue.
• Mengurut kulit kepala dengan minyak kelapa boleh membantu daripada kelemumur dan kulit kepala yang kering. 

Kebaikan VCO untuk kulit.

• Best solution for dry skin like me! 
• Anti bacteria yang boleh menangani penyakit kulit such as dermatitis, eczema and other penyakit kulit. 
• Anti aging for skin due to its anti oxidant properties.
• Glow your skin, everytime I use VCO on my face, my cheeks will blush and glow! 
• Can be use as your make up remover! 


Take note that not everyone of us is the same. My skin and your skin is different. Saya cuma mengutarakan kelebihan VCO for people yang mempunyai kulit kering. If you guys have an acne-prone skin, make sure you know whether your skin can tolerate with coconut oils or not. Sometimes it might works and sometimes not. :) 

Hope this post can help most of you out there inshaAllah. Apa pun stay positive. And be grateful to Allah. Assalamualaikum.