Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ramadan 2014

This is my 4th year of celebrating the first day of Ramadan in the Philippines. Thought that everything can be done for 2 years but nahh here I am still here. But I just look at the bright side. Sure Allah put me here with some reasons. I just need to do my best and wait patiently. 

Not like you guys in Malaysia, here, we don't have any bazaar neither kueh mueh nor ayam percik and kuew tiaw and satay and what ever it is you name it. NO WE DO NOT HAVE. Sobs :'( 

So everytime I scroll down my instagram timeline and see all those photos of foods that you guys uploaded all I can do is just be patient. *sigh*

Philippines and Sabah don't really have much different in time. Everything is the same except for us, we'll be seeing sun earlier. As early as 5 am. But for sungkai, we're probably 2-3 minutes earlier than Sabah and sometimes it can be the same too. 

I miss my mum's mee goreng. The most delicious mee goreng in the world that even my boyfriend too love it. Can you imagine how nyummy it is. SpoonFork lickin good. Haha sometimes I whatsapp my mum asking what will they have for sungkai and she reply my whatsapp reluctantly with "Just some kuih and nasi." Haha she wouldn't even tell me more specific because afraid that I would be sad. Yes mom, I am sad. 

Really wish I can go back now. Like NOW. Having sungkai with family, go to bazaar near my house, eat satay, eat that, eat this. Oh no scratch those dreams off and back to reality, I need to wait. Wait and wait. Cepat lah cepat lah. I can't wait to go back. 



  1. alololo sabar na. brp lama lg ko sana?

    1. Ainul! Hehe ya tu la. Bersabar ni. Inshaallah habis sda tahun ni, inshaallah. Berdoa ni.