Saturday, September 21, 2013


I love rain. As simple as that.
How could you not love it when its raining? I can spend several hours watching rains falling. I just love it. Somehow when it rains, there is something about it that makes me feel alive and unintentionally it makes me calm. There is something indescribable about rain which can melt my heart and give me pleasant feelings. 

In a simple way, it makes me happy. 

I like it here in Binalonan, place where I currently live because this place is a country side and far from the city. Its a place that is closed to nature. Less buildings, so you can see the clear skies and green trees. No pollution. Fortunately my room is at the backside of the building and it is facing to a garden which is belong to one of the villagers here but there is still a wall separating our college from those villagers' houses. But yeah, still, I can see every activity they do in the garden because I am staying at the 1st floor of the building.

So, all I see is green. Trees and many other plants. I just love the scenery. It is even more perfect when it rains. Picture this, having a cup of coffee, reading your favorite book with those beautiful surroundings while its raining. Isn't it perfect? 

The smell, the sound and everything. I love it. -Nana Ahmad

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