Friday, September 20, 2013


It has been so much while since the last time I posted something on my blog. I decided to start again. The last time I logged in to this blog, everything was quite fine until I decided to change my url, deleted every post except one and change almost everything in my blog then it looks plain just like what you've seen now. 

I don't know why but sometimes I just don't have the confident to express anything here. I've been keeping my stories inside my head. I like it that way. Don't you agree? Just like those in the movies, where someone will narrate the story and then the story goes on with soundtracks. Thats what I do everyday except for the fact that the talking and the soundtracks are playing inside of my head. Maybe some will not understand what I am trying to say. Well, it goes like this.

Lets say, I'm walking alone in one fine afternoon for lunch and its raining. Okay thats the situation andddd I will narrate it again. I will say something like this in my head "its a lovely day and she is walking alone under the rain. Compiling every step carefully. (while looking at my feet and every step that I take)" 

I like to make it more dramatic with such deep words just like what I always read in the novel and watch on the tv. Haha! Oh yea I love reading. I read english literature novel too. :) I think thats enough for my first post this year. Yeah! It feels so great to start blogging again.

Great days ahead. Lots of loves, nana. 

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